General December 18, 2023

Thinking about Your Christmas Tree

Some may call it a Holiday Tree, and others a Christmas Tree, but whatever you call it, there is nothing like the smell and the memories of the season.

So this winter if you have a fresh cut tree here are just a few tips to keep it fresh and you safe:

1. Make sure that your tree has plenty to drink (before you put it in your stand, add a fresh cut at the base to allow your tree the opportunity to drink freely.

2. Make sure that your stand has plenty of water (check the water level in the stand base daily)

3. Place your tree away from the fireplace or heater vent to help keep it fresh and away from possible sources of ignition.

4. Turn off your lights when you are away or at night before you retire for  the evening.

5. When the season is over, recycle your tree; many communities in our area have groups that will pick up you tree.


Happy Holidays!