General PCWA April 2023 Snow Survey Results are in! Placer County Water – Snow Report  The report is in with some very impressive results.
General Basic Emergency Supply Kit All of us should have a Emergency Supply Kit; know where it is just in case you need. It putting one together when you need it is not a good idea.  Being prepared for an emergency will save time and allow you and your family to quickly do the things you need to do to […]
General Home Office We are finding that families are making the decision to move from high stress locations to a more rural (less populated area) to obtain a more desirable lifestyle. Establishing the remote office and commuting as necessary back to the office is very important. Couples desiring reduce the impact of the COVID-19 or just wanting a […]
General Water and Forest Management A very informative report on our forests and water.  There is a reason we see those lumber trucks in our community. Peaks to the Pacific (Full) from ACWA on Vimeo.
General Your Credit Score Does Make A Difference Your CREDIT SCORE has an impact on your mortgage rate and what you’ll pay for that new house in the long run.   A good article found in US News may be helpful information as you consider purchasing your new home:in  “What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a House?”  
General OPEN HOUSE TIPS The first impression is extremely important, and in many cases we only get one opportunity to make that impresssion.  These tips and my home preparation tips can assist preparing your home for buyers.
General Break In Treats Protect your home from break-ins.  Be aware and take appropriate steps to protect yourself. A good resource for building your checklist can be found at
General Increase your Worth in Home Equity Take aways  from the Home Price Expectations Survey:  Q2 2019 Survey: Home values will appreciate by 4.1% in 2019 The average annual appreciation will be 3.2% over the next 5 years The cumulative appreciation will be 16.8% by 2023 Even experts representing the most “bearish” quartile of the survey project a cumulative appreciation of over […]
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General California June 2019 Sales and Price Report
General Design Choices Don’t you just love those home improvement shows on TV.  Some of those ideas look very appealing but you may live to regret implementing them.  Consider taking out cabinets and having floating shelves; they may be clever but may be impractical.  Other  decisions such as a “modern” color might be less inviting than warm colors.  […]
General First Quarter 2019 Home Affordability California housing affordability climbs in first quarter 2019, C.A.R. reports Thirty-two percent of California households could afford to purchase the $545,820 median-priced home in the first quarter of 2019, up from 28 percent in fourth-quarter 2018 and up from 31 percent a year ago. A minimum annual income of $114,860 was needed to make monthly […]
General Top 5 Factors when Purchasing Your Home
General Home Improvements – Return on Investment Thinking of updating your home?  Some improvements have a greater payback with increase value to your property.  Take a look at just a few examples.
General Auburn – February Market Update
General Kitchen Remodels for Longevity Remodeling your Kitchen?  Make choices design, color, and material choices that maintain their value and positive impact on your home.   There is a myriad of places for ideas and careful selection for your home can bring lasting value. Consider, in your research, home improvement shows, visiting interesting homes on the market whether just viewing […]
General Fire Prevention in Sierra Foothills Fire Prevention is extremely important to property owners in the Sierra Foothills. It is important to have defensible space around your home and these tips may also help you prevent damage to your property. Clear Vegetation (Defensible Space) Clear your Roof including rain gutters (good idea is to add leaf guards) Use non-flammable patio furniture. […]
General The Best Tips For Seniors Looking To Buy A Vacation Home Article authored by Jim McKinley When you’re in the market for a vacation home, it’s important to do some thorough research before making any decisions. There are a lot of details to consider, from the location of the home to whether you want to use it solely for your family or rent it out to help […]
General Property Fix-ups Big or little take note and address items that could hinder the sale of your home.   We have all heard to make a good first impression; it is the same with your home.  Take a little time to put your home in the best possible position to sell.
General Rain Rain Here in the Sierra Foothills, it is interesting to watch the weather.  In the American River Canyon, for instance, the clouds come up the canyon following the river; they rise and then it sprinkles begin.  They start softly and then a drizzle followed by rain. It is peaceful living in the Sierra Foothills and […]
General Sunday Afternoons Peaceful Days On a Sunday afternoon and thinking about things to do. I remember potlucks with fried chicken, picnics in a shady park with ice cold watermelon. I think about games of catch, tall stories and remembering events with family. When you think about Sunday afternoon, what do you think about and what do you […]